Welcome to the Louver Lens Valley


Who are we ?

A digital cluster based on cultural industries, we work hard next to the innovatives companies, start Up, Research centers and Universities to get acces to culture for All.

It’s been 3 years that we built our network in trough the world : Museums, Cultural Foundations, Start Up, Innovatives company, Research centers to support this major development.


Our Strategy is based on 4  areas globally unified by the size of uses and services :

  • Cultural mediation, especially the development of digital technologies to facilitate access to as many cultural heritages,
  • E-tourisme : Give the opportunity to create new experiences for visitors…/• The development and promotion in the field of tourism where digital technology can bring an additional service to specialized and themed usagers.
  • E-education : Knowledge and skills, including digital books in all its dimensions of entertainment and education,
  • Digitization and Preservation of art and cultural heritage, with the futur big project of Louver conservation center for the 3 Louver in the world. This exceptional project allowed us to develop a full technology for more than 220 000 arts of  work.

The Louvre Lens Valley, The Cultural Digital Cluster is part of an urban renewal dynamic supported by the development plan Devigne-Portzamparc and around a world-class facility, the Louvre.



The Louvre Lens Valley, The Cultural Digital Cluster is an association governed by the 1901 law declared Lens sub-prefecture of July 2, 2013.

As such, it relies on a board of directors composed of the founding members (the Regional Council of Hauts de France, the County Council of Pas-de-Calais, the Urban Community Lens-Lievin, the Chamber of Commerce and ‘Industry Region Northern France, the Chamber of Trades and Crafts Region North – Pas de Calais, Le Louvre-Lens, the University of Artois), representatives of the business college, the college and institutions communities and college training organizations, college cultural actors.



President :
Thierry DAUBRESSE, Community Advisor of the Urban Community of Lens-Lievin, Municipal Councillor in charge of finance, Head of finance APREVA compagny
Laurent VITOUX, Orange
Mammone Pasquale, University of Artois
Xavier DECTOT Louvre-Lens Museum
Jerome Poulain, Audace Company

Director :
Maadnous Wafâa

Catherine BECART, Urban Community of Lens-Lievin
Michel Bouchez, Urban Community of Lens-Lievin
Philippe DUQUESNOY, Urban Community of Lens-Lievin
Odette Duriez, Pas-de-Calais
Didier LIGNIER, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Northern France Region
Max VANDERMALIERE, Chamber of Trades and Crafts Region North Pas-de-Calais